6 Cremation Service Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

July 27, 2020 | Categories:

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When you’re hosting or attending cremation services Skokie, IL, there are etiquette rules you should follow. While some are natural, others are more obscure. With your mind occupied with the death of your loved one, you might not be aware of all that is expected. In one sense, all cremation services are unique. Yet, in another sense, they share common qualities. The goal is the same in every case- to lay someone’s memory to rest.

1. Be on time

Being on time is a sign of respect. This is especially true when it comes to memorials. If you show up late, the organizers may interpret it badly. It’s also distracting. People want to focus on the service but it’s impossible not to give at least some of your attention to a late arrival. This is attention that should be on the deceased. To make sure you show up on time, leave early.

2. Dress modestly

In the west, people expect mourners to dress modestly. This means quiet colors and non-revealing cuts. This style of dressing may be outside of your usual tastes, but it’s considered polite at a funeral or cremation service. Revealing, wild clothes are too distracting. People start looking at the clothes rather than paying attention to their surroundings. The same rules apply to men and women.

3. Listen

Your mind may be running a million miles a minute. After someone you care about dies, it can be hard to see straight. Everything feels more difficult. Yet, at the memorial, everyone is expected to sit quietly. No one can tell if you’re actually listening. But they can tell if you’re holding a distracting side conversation.

4. Observe

If there are special moments of prayer or silence, observe them. You don’t have to have the same beliefs. It’s a powerful moment of respect whether you hold the same beliefs or not. Groups of people doing the same thing can feel powerful. That’s why moments of silence are used so often. People connect by sharing emotions.

5. Watch children

If you’re going to bring young children, you need to commit to watching them. They may not have the patience to sit quietly for the full duration of the funeral. Once you decide to bring your children, you have to be prepared to leave early or step out for a moment. If you’re willing to accept this, there may be very strong reasons to bring a child.

6. Remember

The best thing that you can do for the deceased is to remember them. You don’t have to grieve forever. In fact, you should stop grieving as soon as you can. However, you should remember the spirit of the deceased. Remember all of the good things that they did.

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A memorial is emotional. It can be moving and touching. They can be difficult to get through but you’ll always look back on the memories. You will remember the event for the rest of your life.

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