5 Ways to Help a Child Overcome Loss | Funerals

August 2, 2021 | Categories:

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Having to visit funeral homes Skokie, IL, is never easy. Few things are as emotionally significant as losing a parent – no matter how old are you. The feelings of shock, despair, and grief can be even more overwhelming for a child. They may feel alone, depressed, and disconnected from the family.

During such a tough time, the child can plunge into complicated depression or experience other negative outcomes if not given proper care. Here’s how a family member or caretaker can help a child cope with the grief of losing a parent and help them return to normal life.

Spend Time with Them

Try to spend as much time with them as you can. When a close family member dies, all family members feel down and incomplete and it’s natural to seek some time by yourself to process the loss. It’s this time that might make a child feel disconnected and lost.

For a grieving child, it’s very important to spend quality time in the company of a loved one during the earlier days of the loss. Being a parent, elder sibling, or caretaker, you should make them feel that they are owned and loved by everyone.

Listen to Their Stories

The best thing an adult can do to help a grieving child overcome loss is listening to their stories. Even though each child grieves uniquely, most want to share their feelings and emotions with you and talk about how much they miss the lost parent.

Research shows that children who share their emotions with adults heal faster.

Talk About Death

Many adults tend to avoid discussing the subject of death with children as a way to protect them. But grieving children need more information about the death. Sugarcoating the topic or avoiding it altogether does more harm than good.

Psychologists press on the need of explaining death to the child and also encouraging them to talk freely about it. It helps them accept and adapt to the changed reality.

Continuity in Daily Routine

Try not to be too hard on the child and don’t expect them to follow the household rules with no interruption as though nothing had changed. The overwhelming emotions could take a toll on the child’s behavior. But do your best to keep consistency in the child’s routine. Don’t let them feel isolated or sad all the time.

Encourage them to play their favorite sports, complete daily tasks like doing homework, and observe and take any concerning change in their behavior after the loss seriously.funeral homes Skokie, IL-4

Acknowledge Their Emotions

Make your child believe that you understand their emotions and assure them you’re always available to them, no matter what. It’s ok if they feel sad at the time, that’s natural, but don’t try to downplay, or worse, ignore their feelings.

Share your own emotions with them and explain how the passing of the loved one has altered your life – but with time, you can heal and learn how to forge a new path. Give them the strength and optimism they need to overcome grief after the funeral. You can take them with you when you visit funeral homes Skokie, IL.