5 Ways to Express Your Condolences

November 4, 2019 | Categories:

All of the funeral homes Morton Grove, IL can suit your needs when your loved one dies. You just need to find the right place. It’s a matter of self-expression. If, however, you’re simply attending the cremation service and not planning it, you have a different set of priorities. In that case, you may be wondering how you can express your condolences.

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Well, the correct answer depends on where you are and what culture you recognize. Different societies have their own rules. Here are a few ideas you can use if you’re stuck.

1. Bring Food

Everyone needs to eat, but taking the time to buy and prepare food is hard work when you’re grieving a serious death. It’s common for people to even forget to eat they’re so distressed. If you bring meals and groceries, you can show that you care in a practical way. You don’t need to splurge on gourmet food. Just choose something that you know the family can eat. Don’t bring a meat platter to feed a group of vegetarians.

2. Send Flowers

Flowers, besides being pretty and fragrant, have special significance in many cultures. Sending flowers to the deceased’s family is a classic way to show that they’re on your mind. Flower arrangements can be very expensive. If you can’t afford a visit to the florist, take a look at your own garden. A well-presented bouquet is almost always appreciated.

3. Give Time

Sometimes, the best thing that you can do is to be there for someone. Grief is a tricky emotion. There’s no way to predict how it will affect someone. If you’re friends with the deceased’s family, you may be able to help them feel better by spending time with them. Just knowing that you’re not alone is enough to make a difference.

4. Attend the Funeral

Attending the funeral is a good way to show your support. It may not be fun. Funerals are often highly emotional events. However, your presence is to support the living as well as pay your respects to the dead. When you’re at the service, make sure that you’re on your best behavior. People will be looking at you.

5. Share Memories

When the deceased first passes away, the surviving family members may have trouble talking about it. However, at some point, their grief will soften. At that moment, they will be receptive to hearing positive memories about the deceased. It’s a reminder that the deceased had an impact, that people still remember them. It’s very touching. You can connect to people in this way.

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