5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Eulogy

January 13, 2020 | Categories:

The pressing need for cremation services Evanston, IL can take over your thoughts. All you can think about is the deceased and the upcoming memorial service. This is especially true if you have to deliver a eulogy. This is a very important part of the service. The right eulogy can be moving. People will connect your words with the departed person.

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Of course, if you’re not used to writing eulogies, it can be very challenging. You’re being asked to do something that is outside of your comfort zone. Keep reading for tips you can use.

1. Be Honest

The reason you’re writing the eulogy is that you’re someone who knew the deceased and who loved them. You can use your knowledge to paint a moving picture of the deceased’s life. To do this, you need to be honest. Speak from the heart. However, you should still focus on the positive aspects of the deceased’s life.

2. Be Concise

You loved the deceased. You can talk about him or her forever. However, for the sake of your other guests, it’s better to be concise. If you speak for too long, people may have trouble paying attention. The last thing that you want is people having to look away or losing interest. Give yourself a time limit or you may struggle to limit yourself.

3. Listen to Examples

If you’re never been to a funeral or cremation service, you may need to listen to examples of what an eulogy can sound like. It’s hard to create something if you don’t have any examples. You can listen for ideas on structure, word choice, etc. You will likely find ideas about what to include. Common themes are short, touching stories about the deceased.

4. Practice

Practice reading the eulogy a few times. You may even want to practice in front of someone else. Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not used to it. You want to minimize the chances you’re going to be nervous. Remember, there’s nothing to fear. You’re expressing yourself in front of a crowd of people who want to hear what you’re saying.

5. Be Calm

The moment you’ve been waiting for will eventually come. It’s time to rise to the occasion. The best thing that you can do to help yourself is to remain calm. Your emotions will be flowing, but you want to focus on your task. After you’ve delivered the eulogy, you may feel as though you have done your part to honor the departed.

You don’t need to be a brilliant writer to compose a moving eulogy. Emotions matter more than finesse. The most important aspect is that your words express how you really feel about the deceased. That’s what people want to hear about.

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