5 Tips for Going to Work While You’re Grieving

June 22, 2020 | Categories:

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After the cremation services Morton Grove, IL, are over, you’ll have to think about trying to live a normal life again. The old life isn’t coming back. However, you’re still alive. It’s not enough to merely exist. To thrive, you need to create new patterns for yourself.

Of course, it’ll be difficult at first. Every bone in your body may want to curl into a ball and forget about what happened. Yet, that can’t be. If you were working before the deceased passed away, you’ll likely have to return to your job at some point.

These are tips you can use to make the transition feel smoother.

1. Be patient

Be patient with yourself. It’s okay if you’re not ready to jump back into the same duties immediately. You may need time before you can head back into the office. If possible, see if you can work from home for a while. When you do go back, don’t expect everything to feel the same immediately. It might be a slow process.

2. Ask for Help

You can’t get help unless you ask for it. Often, people want to be useful but they don’t know how to help. This is especially true when it comes to people you work with. If there are things they can do to make your burden easier, let them know! Be specific. If, say, someone could complete a report for you, ask. This may feel difficult, but it’s very useful.

3. Find a Routine

Routines help your life get back to normal. There are fewer things to worry about once you get into a good routine. You know what’s expected of you, so there’s nothing to think about. The hard part is that you may have to completely change your routine from what it was before. Small things like making a cup of coffee during your breaks or picking a spot to walk around can help ground you.

grief recovery4. Work Hard

By throwing yourself into your work, you might actually be able to make yourself feel better. This is because work distracts your mind. It prevents you from dwelling on what happened. Because life has to move forward, you have to find a way to work as though nothing has changed. Eventually, as you process your loss, this should become easier.

5. Be Willing to Change

There’s always the possibility that you can’t go to your old job. You may want to change cities, professions, etc., after your loved one passes away. If this is what needs to happen, you should be ready for it. You can throw yourself into a new job. If it’s financially feasible, you may take time to yourself until you feel steadier.

Working through your grief is possible, but it won’t be pleasant. Your loved one’s death may be one of the hardest events that you ever have to live through. Yet, death is something that touches every soul on earth.

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