5 Things You Need to Do When Your Spouse Dies

December 23, 2019 | Categories:

The cremation services Morton Grove, IL, serves many people. When people die, you have to decide what to do with their remains. If the deceased is your spouse, your entire life will be different. You won’t be able to organize your day the same way. To make it easier for yourself, here are a few things you should when your spouse dies.

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1. Call Family

First, you need to let people know what happened. The deceased’s family should be the first to know. These calls will be gutwrenching, but they can also provide a sliver of support. You won’t have to deal with your grief alone. Feeling as though you’re by yourself is one of the worst parts of grief. Having people around you who can relate to your experiences is critical.

2. Organize the Funeral

After everyone knows what happened, it’s time to organize a funeral. You can’t wait too long. The human body needs to be addressed. Generally, the funeral is scheduled within a week or so of the death. This isn’t a lot of time, which can make the logistics difficult. Therefore, you should let everyone know the date as soon as possible. If you want to make the process easier on yourself, work with a funeral director.

3. Clean

Your spouse’s belongings will remain in the same spot until you move them. You can help the grieving process by putting the items away. It may feel sweet to look at their mug in the sink, or their jacket flung over the chair, but it’s a false feeling. Your life has to move forward. There’s no way to stop time, so you have to live your own life.

4. Work

It’s natural to take a few days or weeks of work after your spouse dies. However, you can’t stay in limbo forever. You have to start going forward. If you still need money, you have to go back to your job. Ask your coworkers to respect your wishes if you don’t want to speak about your spouse at the office.

You should also work on yourself. Selfcare can fall to the wayside when you’re consumed with grief. Remember to eat right and exercise.

5. Express Yourself

Keeping your emotions bottled up inside is very risky. Doing so could lead to a mental breakdown later on. You have to express your emotions. You could speak to a therapist, a friend, etc. If you’re not ready to speak to someone, you could try writing in a journal. It’s your decision. People are comforted in different ways. What’s important is that you don’t let your emotions fester. It’s not healthy.

The death of your spouse is a very emotional and draining experience. Nothing can prepare you for that moment.

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