5 Reasons Why Cremation is Becoming So Popular

December 6, 2021 | Categories:

Cremation services Evanston, IL

Cremation services Evanston, IL, are common. The history of Cremation predates the ancient Roman Empire. In some religions like Hinduism, Cremation is the only acceptable disposition method for thousands of years.

But in the last few decades, Cremation has begun to soar in popularity and as of 2019, more than half of American families chose Cremation for the lost loved ones. The trend is likely to only increase in the future.

Here are a few reasons why the cremation ratio continues to increase:

1. Cheaper

Cremation is often significantly cheaper than a traditional burial funeral. While the exact cost depends on how you personalize the whole event, statistics show that a direct cremation on average costs half the price of a burial funeral.

This makes it a friendly option for middle-and low-income families to honor the deceased without spending beyond than they can afford. However, money is not always the first priority when it comes to honoring the lost loved one.

2. Customize the Event

Burial funerals are much more predictive as the family has no option but to bury the loved one. With Cremation, you have tons of options to scatter ashes in meaningful places.

The bereaved family can bury the ashes in a garden, beach, mountain top, or body of water as well as scatter them from a plane or with fireworks. Some people choose to convert the ashes into jewelry or tattoos as a permanent souvenir of the deceased. That is, cremation opens new avenues to get creative and personalize the event to reflect the deceased’s personality.

Knowing that they have honored the departed soul with dignity helps them find closure.

3. More Flexibility in Arrangements

Similarly, the family can hold the urn indefinitely and can hold a memorial or scattering service weeks or even months after the cremation service. This becomes particularly helpful when many friends and family members are out of the state or country and cannot come on quick notice. Final services can be adjusted to ensure everyone’s presence.

4. Environmentally Friendlycremation services Evanston, IL

Cremation is considered an eco-friendly disposition option. Unlike burial funerals, cremation doesn’t need caskets and vaults which are made of metal and wood. Also, the family doesn’t need to use embalming services as the service occurs within a day after death.

Likewise, the wildlife is the least impacted as there’s no need for permanent burial plots. But it’s worth mentioning that cremation isn’t a carbon-free process and still adds gases to the environment.

5. Greater Acceptability

The biggest constraint to cremation has always been its acceptability in many cultures and traditions. Some religions like Judaism and Islam out rightly discourage it. Not too long ago, the surviving families were reluctant to cremate the body, even if it was the deceased’s wish.

However, many major cultures have lately embraced the practice of cremation as an alternative to traditional burials. More and more families are now preferring cremation services Evanston, IL, as a natural disposition method.