4 Signs You Should See a Grief Counselor | Cremation

December 13, 2021 | Categories:

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Everyone may visit funeral homes Evanston, IL, at some point. If anything, we all experience the loss of a loved one at some stage in our lives. Yet you feel terribly alone when someone close to your heart leaves forever and grief is the natural response to it.

Usually, the feelings of overwhelming pain and anxiety fade away with time. But what if you cannot get past the grief journey even several months after the loss? That’s where you need professional grief counseling to return to normalcy.

Here are a few clues that can be red flags that you have to get in touch with a grief counselor.

1. Anxiety

Feeling anxious isn’t always a warning sign that your grief is getting beyond your control. But if you are in a non-stop state of depression and couldn’t find a way out, then get professional help.

Recurring anxiety often manifests in complicated feelings of loneliness, anger, depression, and panic attacks and it bars the healing process. To break the shackles of grief, you need someone who could understand your emotions and provide a practical solution to diverge your mind off the loss. That’s what a grief counselor does.

2. Intrusive Thoughts

Grief extended over longer periods often leads to intrusive thoughts which are indicative of extreme distress and upsetting due to the loss. These thoughts can be strange and can make you feel as though you aren’t in control.

The defining feature of intrusive thoughts is they re-occur frequently and are stuck in your mind. Because of this, you may need grief therapy to tune them out of your head.

3. Running Away from Relationships

It’s a worrying sign if you have started running away from making commitments or withdrawing from relationships for the fear of losing them.

No one can understand your inner emotions but failing to form new relationships or neglecting your old ones is a red flag that your thoughts may still be negatively impacting your life. Seeing a grief counselor might help you overcome your fears.

4. Indulge in Unhealthy Habitsfuneral homes Evanston, IL

If you have suddenly started smoking or drinking to ease out the pain, seek help immediately. Else, you’ll find yourself entrapped in harmful habits sooner than you think. Similarly, if you’re finding comfort in dangerous activities like taking unnecessary risks, jumping from fling to fling, and so on, you may want to see someone.

Similarly, watch out if you’re finding it unable to complete the routine tasks and/or trying to escape into a deep fantasy world.

Grief affects everyone differently and there is no way to predict its course. If you find that your grief is lasting a long time and affecting your life in major ways, speak to a grief counselor. A professional can help you sort out your feelings in a healthy, natural way.

Of course, it may be helpful to see a counselor regardless. You don’t have to wait until you feel out of control.

Your funeral director at funeral homes Evanston, IL, can help you plan the memorial so you can focus on healing.