4 Funeral Etiquette Tips

August 19, 2019 | Categories:

Thinking about funeral homes Evanston, IL is enough to make you distracted. When someone you love dies, it’s heart-wrenching. You may struggle to move on in your life. Everything seems colorless and dull.

funeral homes Evanston, IL

A funeral can help you process your emotions. The people who loved and cared about the deceased will gather in a single space to share memories. It’s easy to see why this would be comforting. While you’re at the funeral, it’s important to try to make a good impression. Or you can even try to make no impression and draw no attention to yourself. What matters is that you don’t draw negative attention to yourself.

1. Show Up

If you tell the deceased’s family that you’re going to attend the funeral, you should try to stick to your word if you don’t want to cause a major rift. People are less strict about engagements than they used to be. It’s no longer strange to RSVP to an event only to not show up at the last minute. Funerals are different. People will be very upset if they expect to see at the funeral and you don’t show up.

You also need to show up on time. There’s no such thing as being fashionably late to a funeral. If you show up to the service late, you’ll draw attention to yourself. The mourners want to focus on the service, not be distracted by you.

2. Dress Conservatively

You might be known for your outlandish fashion. However, when you go to a funeral, it’s time to tone it down. You don’t necessarily have to wear dark colors. That depends on the culture. But you definitely shouldn’t dress as though you’re going to a nightclub. Dress in a simple fashion that doesn’t draw attention to yourself. Follow the same rule at the wake and funeral reception.

3. Bring Flowers

Flowers are meaningful. Culture revere them because of their natural beauty and freshness. They represent life and nature. That’s why flowers are such a common gift when people are grieving. If you live in a culture where sending flowers is customary after a death, doing so might help you feel better. The act can relieve your feelings. It will also make the rest of the deceased’s loved ones feel good.

4. Pay Attention

Don’t sit and stare at your phone during the funeral service. It’s worth your time to pay attention. At least, you shouldn’t be obviously distracted. If your mind is too afflicted with grief to pay attention to anyone’s words, that’s okay. You can’t force yourself to do something mentally. All you can control is your physical behavior. You can make yourself sit still and quiet while the service is unfolding. Let the words wash over you and fill your brain. You can reflect on them later if needed.

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